On our Way to Knoebels in Elysburg PA

You’ll want to check out this amusement park… It’s a great family park.  Go to http://www.knoebels.com  Not too many parks that you can enjoy with NO FEE to enter the park. Depending on the calendar schedule you can “Pay As You Go” to Ride or choose to buy a wristband.

They have a commercial you can listen to get a bit more indepth info.  http://www.knoebels.com/commercial.asp  I’ll post more pics and info after the trip.


Love these websites.. I bookmark them and check them every day…

www.woot.com  Once a day deal.. Unless there is a Woot Off..then it’s more frequent throughout the day.  I’m hooked!

kids.woot.com Same as Woot above.. only KID Focused deals!!

www.slickdeals.net Multiple Deals added per day.  Like that you can search historical pricing and then you know how often the deal is added and at what price.

Nick and Onyx at the Skate Park

Hello and welcome to my blog site.  Our family loves to travel, be outdoors and spend time with nature.  I’ll share with you about our many travels, what states, countries and vehicles we enjoy the outdoors with.

This past weekend, Memorial Day 2011, we traveled to Montgomery PA. It’s a very small town; the place we camp at is called Riverside Campground. It is located right on the Susquehanna River.  You can fish, bike the hilly mountains (almost like being in San Francisco; just not as long; but has the Steep grades for sure).  I’ll post some videos and pictures.  They have a playground, and even a skateboard gated park.  There is even a huge field to run your dogs as well.

We take our dog, Onyx, with us. She is a pure bred black lab. She loves the water and running so this a great place for her.  The water in the river was very high this year because we’ve had so much rain this Spring.  I was sure she was going to be swept up by the river current; but luckily she wasn’t.

My son, whose 11 yo, took a bike ride on the hills. We both have 21 speed mountain bikes.  We rode up and down many steep hills, having to switch gears between 5th to 21 speed just to keep up with the ever-changing hill structure.  It was quite a work out.  PA has some beautiful scenery.

We have a 2011 Jayco Jayflight 25’ BH.h4>

It sleeps 8 with a slide.  It’s amazing how wide it is inside. Very roomy!!  There are a ton of great features.  This was a change from our last one which was 2007 Forest River Flagstaff 27’ BH.  Even though we dropped down 2’ in length we increased in width and height as well as a 2 yr mfr warranty! Bonus… as the Flagstaff had water-leaking problems from the roof down.  Do not recommend Flagstaff!

When you are camping you can easily find yourself enjoying all the “snacks/drinks” of camping life.  What I try to do is continue to have at least one sensible healthy meal, one Shakeology (meal replacement), water and healthy snacks along with the  foods I enjoy in moderation.  Every day we get exercise scheduled into our day.  Biking, Hiking, Walking, Running… Move…and Do MORE!  With that you can still enjoy the campfire smores and a couple drinks.

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